Max Felix accidentally discovered his artistic skills very early in life, at a time when he was non-verbal. Living with autism spectrum disorder has its challenges, but it has also developed in Max a picturesque narrative that was once his only voice. Max continues to express himself through animals. In these books, discover his world and color it your way.

Max loves animals and loves to draw, therefore he called his first coloring book simply “Animal Book”. His second book, "Adventures of a Cheetah", narrates the adventures of a cheetah in the vast African plain, the Serengeti. 

These coloring books, for children and adults are fill with playful and captivating drawings that make them unique. They promote relaxation,  are ideal for hospital patients, and are a great way to bond with little ones. After school programs, daycare centers, senior centers and family nights are places where these coloring books are welcome. These books are great companions for all ages. 

Happy Coloring!